Tropical Fish

Lots of Variety

Aquascaping is the part of the fishkeeping hobby that focuses on using live plants to create beautiful displays.

We love aquascaping and even invited the UK’s best aquascaper (our opinion!) to set up our Evolution Aqua Aquascaper 900 aquarium! We stock a large range of high quality Danish aquarium plants to complement our aquascaping products.

The aquascaping products we stock include:

  • Tropica aquarium plants
  • Plant-friendly substrates
  • Aquascaping tools
  • CO2 & fertilisation equipment
  • Shrimp & invertebrate crews
aquarium aquascape

What Else Do We Have?

There’s more to Northampton Reptile & Fish Centre than aquascaping!

Take a virtual tour of our shop by watching the video and get taken through our outdoor fish and plants, reptiles, coldwater fish and tropical fish! We also have a large range of high-quality products to give your pets the best care possible!